Who I Am

I’m a film maker based in London.

In February 2010 I completed a degree in Digital Film making, for which I received a 1st.

Since then I have been working as part of End of the Road Films, directing music videos and developing future projects for the company.

I am also the founder of Cabal Studios, through which I have produced my first feature length documentary, Little Tibet.

I am fluent in Final Cut, Photoshop and After Effects and I can converse in Shake and Color.

I can order a coffee in Soundtrack Pro.

My experience in film started in stop motion animation, which spills into my current work.

My music videos with End of the Road Films have often made use of stop motion techniques and in 2012 I was featured in the Creative Review iPad app for my paper animations for End of the Road Festival and the music video for Liz Green’s ‘Bad Medicine’.

My video for Allo Darlin’s ‘My Heart is a Drummer’ was featured as BBC 6 Music’s ‘Video of the Week’ and went on to feature in many best-of-2010 lists.

This blog is one of the many homes for my thoughts, ideas and news updates.

I’ll be letting you know what I’ve been up to as well as occasionally pointing out things I find interesting.

If you’d like to get in contact, drop an email to josephsbrett@gmail.com or call me on +447929632518

I am available for directing work, motion graphics and post production work.