Clowning About

Advance warning to any coulrophobics out there: this post may contain clowns.

A whiletime ago I helped Leila Watts with her first music video. It was a hand drawn animation for the song ‘Staying True’ by David Thomas Broughton. You can watch it just below.

Anyway, this was all part of a plan to have a video made for each track on the album. As the deadline approached, no-one had gotten round to claiming the penultimate track on the record, so I stepped in. I’m doing a lot of editing right now, so the chance to get something new shot was rather appealing.

I came up with the most simple idea I could, something I usually struggle with, and called in two very good actors who wouldn’t mind making a scene in public. Leila got on board with costume and make-up, and Aidan took up second camera. Here’s what we ended up with:

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you’d like to see any of the other videos, head on over to David Thomas Broughton’s website,

Until next time…


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