Taking Leave

A few years ago my Grandma sent me this cutting from a newspaper. I had it on my wall when I first moved to London, but thought I’d lost it when I moved house.

Today I found it between the pages of a book I’d put it in to keep safe. I thought I’d share it here before it disappears again.

I always found it said far more than was written… But that might just be because I wanted it to.



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2 responses to “Taking Leave

  1. thanks for this. I’ve spent the morning out walking in forests, visiting woodlands that are up for sale and could be soon illegal to trespass on. The land agents’ photographs make it seem as if the whole areas is still wooded, but once you get there, you realise the area has been cut into fragments, sold off, and chopped down. I don’t know the full details of what has happened there — if the trees had reached mature height, were cut down to clear conifers to replant hardwoods etc, but it’s been a day of recognising the contingent nature of trees in a human and industrial world. Again, thanks for sharing this story.

    • josephbrett

      I’m glad you appreciated it! I do think there is something massively wrong with the way we see woodland these days, as though it is only allowed to exist where we permit it to. If there is one good thing to come out of this whole forestry commission lunacy, it is that people are being reminded quite how important trees are to us as a species.

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