The Devil is a Lustful Woman

Venus is the second brightest point in the sky, following the moon.

In Roman mythology Venus was the goddess of love.
The Babylonians called her Inanna, goddess of love, but also of womanhood.
She has also been known as Morning Star. In the bible the morning star is referred to as Lucifer, meaning ‘light bringer’ in Latin. Lucifer is spoken of as a fallen angel, now commonly believed to be Satan. King of Babylon.


How you are fallen from heaven,
O Day Star, son of Dawn!
-Isaiah 14:12

Lucifer is said to have sought too high a power, and for it, to have been cast down to the underworld.

Venus shines brightly at both dusk and dawn, but soon fades.

Luciferin is the name of a chemical found in fireflies and glow worms. It’s what brings them their light.

Fireflies glow to signal their location to other fireflies. The main reason for this is reproduction, however in part of asia they have been known to synchronise in groups of hundreds.

In humans pheromones are produced in order to attract prospective partners.


In women, this unconscious hormonal signal has been known to cause menstrual synchronization.

Some theories suggest that menstrual cycles are highly influenced by nocturnal light, with evidence showing that a bright light in the morning can help promote a regular cycle.

It is also thought that prior to artificial lighting the moon had a much greater influence on the cycle, it’s varying brightness affecting the body.


The moon is the brightest object in the sky.

yamazaki's moon


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  1. A woman can regulate her cycle by sleeping where the moon is not obscured, such as through window without curtains.

    It doesn’t seem to matter whether that be the morning or the evening. It worked effectively for me with a rising moon. I have heard the same from others.

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