X-Ray Love

In 2001, artist Wim Delvoye asked friends to paint themselves with small amounts of barium (that liquid used in x-rays for digestion and such like) and then be ‘photographed’ having sex in medical clinics.

The resulting images are… striking.





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19 responses to “X-Ray Love

  1. XrayTechsAre UNDERPAID

    I can’t take an x-ray on most 90 year olds without an argument about how much radiation they are getting and forget about mentioning barium! The fact that this guy managed to convince child bearing aged individuals to expose their prime time genitalia to radiation, is more amazing than the pictures! Cool idea but really stupid participants.

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  3. Hello Joseph
    I always liked your site and art!
    I am making my own not professional website, with thoughts, ideas, pics and everything about sensuality and erotism.
    I wouls like to add the link to your website in my friends section.
    Please visit it if you do not mind and let me know.

    Lori, Italy

  4. Gland

    My oh my! This photos blow up my mind. ^_^ What a great idea. And, by the way, new medical technic is not so dangerous. Radiation from x-ray medical unit was danger 30 years ago. Now you can take more radiation from transcontinental flight in airplane. ^_^ And dont forget: art requires sacrifice.
    I’m glad to see it. Thank you.
    Oopsh, sorry for bad english. From Russia with love ^_^

  5. dani

    its so romantic

  6. mallory

    i want videos

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  8. What a great idea and very artistic. i must say definitely a very classy idea of lovers. Well executed

  9. Vernon Dutton

    You should be able to get a National Endowment for the Arts grant for this work. 🙂

  10. jd

    So it’s not really a bone?

  11. ryan

    i agree, x ray vidios would be interesting.

  12. heidi

    i cant wait to be a tech

  13. jeff

    a bit one sided i thought – i want to see some ladies bits in xray. you know what i mean.

  14. anc

    Where’s the cunnilingus?

  15. Passerby

    Nice to see an intact penis used.

  16. name

    What, no penetration?
    How exactly is this having sex?


    Barium is not used for “Digestion and stuff”, its a radiopague contrast material designed to absorb and stop X-rays from getting to the image receptor. since they used a small amount, it stopped a small percentage of xrays, just enough to see the skin. second of, the xray images above did not require too much radiation. all of those images combine are equivalent to standing in sunight for 7 days and inhaling radon comming out of the ground.
    yes there are procedures that require lots of radiation. not these. also whoever said they wanted videos, that would be UNCOLLIMATED FLOUROSCOPY. THAT WOULD BE DANGEROUS. HIGH RADIATION.

    • josephbrett

      Sorry, you’re obviously better informed on the use of barium than me. The only reference I had for the substance was one in which it was being used to trace a problem based around the throat and lungs. Then it was used internally, and for the sole purpose of a digestive examination… I’m sure there are numerous other applications.

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